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Brittany Kim (Staff / WL Coordinator​​)
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Brittany grew up in Malaysia where she was first exposed to Young Life in high school and was an active leader for WyldLife. After moving back to America she joined Young Life Staff in December 2015. She is currently the WyldLife Coordinator overseeing Cabin Time, Club, and Camp trips. Brittany is married to Joseph who is one of her loyal, loving and supportive WyldLife leaders.​

Joseph Kim (YoungLife / WyldLife leader)
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Joseph Kim has been volunteering in YoungLife since his high school years. Although not in Suffern, he participated in YoungLife and WyldLife in Malaysia, where he grew up. He was born in Korea; however, moved across the country living in Canada, Scotland, Indonesia and now in New York. After graduating from Nyack College with Music and Education degree, he is pursuing his masters program for Special Education while teaching at Ramapo High School in Spring Valley. ​

Paige Bergstol.jpg​Paige Bergstol (WyldLife Leader)
Paige began serving as a WyldLife leader in the Fall of 2017 after graduating with a degree in Business Economics from Wheaton College, IL. Growing up in Montebello, NY, Paige loved participating in WyldLife and YoungLife from grades 6 – 12. She had the opportunity to be a student leader during high school and went on to lead YoungLife in Illinois for a year. Paige hopes to foster meaningful relationships with kids by showing them Christ’s unfailing love. Currently, Paige works at a special needs pre-school in Rockland County, NY and plans on getting her masters in Nursing.​​

Benjamin Tse (WyldLife Leader) Ben Tse began serving as a leader for WyldLife since the Fall of 2016. Ben was recruited and went through YL leadership training at Nyack College. Ben is grew up on a tropical island called Penang, Malaysia and is currently dorming at Nyack College. He is finishing up is sophomore year and is double majoring in Buisness Administration and Mathematics. 

Young Life​
Alexis Jacobsen (Young Life Coordinator)
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Alexis has been a volunteer Young Life leader since the summer of 2014. She is currently involved in leading Campaigners, which meets weekly to discuss the Bible and how it applies to our lives. She provides support by building and fostering relationships within the Campaigners group. After graduating from Messiah College with a major in Biological Sciences and a minor in Environmental Education, she began teaching high school biology, and she is currently working on her master’s degree in Biology.

image1.JPGDanny Diaz (Leader) 
Danny joined YL in 2017 after him and his fiancée, Keri got engaged. He wishes to create mentoring relationships with the kids. He enjoys adventures, playing games, and playing sports. Danny is excited for what God has in store for this new ministry for him and for the kids he will meet.

Keri Race ​(Leader)
Keri began leading in 2016 due to a perfectly timed meeting with Area Director Carl in a Panera Bread cafe. She had heard of Young Life before that time but had never been a part of it. She is so thankful to have joined this loving fun community and become friends with so many awesome high schoolers and leaders. She is excited to continue learning and growing in her role and becoming more connected. She graduated in May 2017 from Ramapo College of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Science Nursing Degree. She is excited to start her career. She has plans to stay local to continue to be involved in Young Life when she gets married in April to her fiancé Danny. 

Greg May (Leader)
Greg May is a leader from Suffern who first became involved with Young Life during his senior year of high school. He then became involved as a leader in the fall of 2015 after graduating from University of Connecticut with a degree in Allied Health Sciences. Greg hopes to reach out to local high-schoolers and help make Young Life as great of an experience for them as it was for him. He currently works at Hackensack University Medical Center as a Medical Scribe and aims to use the experience to apply to medical school in the future.
Student Leader​​​​​
Matthew Moise (WyldLife Student Leader) 
Matt is a goofy, wonderful and fun leader. He moved to Suffern from Spring Valley in 2012, and is now a freshman at Suffern High School. Matt has three brothers who all share the passion for sports which has pushed Matt to be one of the fastest runners on the track team, and valued member on the football team.​ Matt recently discovered Young Life in the summer of 2016 when he attended his first WyldLife event to help-out, and he has been leading ever since. Matt is an active participant in Young Life club and plays the drums. His favorite color is blue and he loves the show Sponge-Bob so much, he once said he wants to be a fry-cook when he grows up.​

Image uploaded from iOS.jpgMario Parra ​(WyldLife Student Leader)
Mario is a sophomore at Suffern High School. He was first introduced to YL by a good friend of his and is now a regular attender for YL and a WyldLife leader. Mario likes to play sports during his free time and is part of the Track and Field school team. Mario loves nachos with a passion, and aspires to go to NYU when he graduates​​​​​​​​​​​.

Danielle Mendez (WyldLife Student Leader)
Danielle is a fun, loving, and open person with a great sense of humor. She is a sophomore in Suffern High School and is devoted in her grades and sports. Danielle is a proud member of the Suffern crew team and plays basketball outside of school. She started attending Young Life in 2017 when a good friend of hers introduced her to camp.She met new friends and has grown as a person in Young Life. Now she is committing herslef to be a WyldLife Leader. Her favorite activity is going thrift shopping and playing the ukulele during her free time. Danielle has a big heart when it comes to helping people, she hopes to one day acheive her dreams in becoming a nurse practioner.
IMG957315.jpgDoug Klein (Capernaum Leader​)
(845) 641 - 9544
Doug grew up in Suffern, going to Suffern Middle and High School. Doug has been volunteering with Young Life for 10 years in various areas of the ministry. He currently teaches 5th grade at Cornerstone Christian School in New City. Part of reaching all kids is his heart to begin a local Capernaum, which is a Young Life ministry that reaches kids with disabilities.​

IMG_20171001_215104_626.jpgKathleen Klein (Capernaum Leader)
Kat has been working with kids with special needs since she was in middle school, continuing through High School while working at Camp Venture Summer Camp in Stony Point, NY. Kat became aware about Young Life through her now husband Doug Klein and was elated when she was able to be a part of starting and working with Capernaum in Rockland and Bergen County and continues to love seeing how God is bringing everyone together each Club.

image1.JPG Kathryn Marciano (Capernaum Leader)
Kathryn lives in Rockland County. She is excited by the start up of Capernaum. Kathryn has worked as a teacher for young kids with special needs. She is presently finishing up school to enter into the occupational therapy field. She's looking forward to a fun year of meeting more teens and families!

laquila.JPGLaquila Manning (Capernaum Leader)
Laquila graduated from Nyack College and is excited to join in on all the fun this year in Young Life while leading Capernaum. Laquila enjoys life and having fun. Laquila enjoys a variety of activities from music to the outdoors.

Elizabeth M.JPGLiz Marciano (Capernaum Leader)
Liz lives in Tappan, NY, and is a Children's Librarian. She is new to Young Life, and is looking forward to getting more involved with Capernaum. 

Elena.JPGElena Martin (Capernaum Leader) 
Elena is from Suffern and went to Suffern High School where she was first introduced to Young Life. After graduating from Suffern, Elena led high school ministry for 3 years in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Following her graduation from Lehigh University she moved back to Suffern where she is now working in New York City doing medical research. Elena is excited about the challenges and adventures that come with leading Capernaum and is looking forward to seeing the ministry grow! 

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